Our 1 to 1 service is open to adult residents in West Essex and East Herts, with offices in Harlow and Sawbridgeworth. The cost of a regular session is £40 and we offer counselling on a sliding scale for those that are struggling financially. 

*Please note an Initial Assessment is required at the cost of £15. This is to make sure we are the right service for you and to cover our administrative costs.

Offerings at Sunflower Community Project


Our groups will vary from Women or Men only, wellbeing drop in groups, to structed low cost time limited groups, such as Anxiety, wellbeing programme, parenting, and Self-Esteem. The drop in groups we ask for a minimal donation of £3-£5 towards materials and supplies, unless otherwise stated.

The structured groups are a set amount, again on a sliding scale for 6 or 8 weeks of the course. If you are interested please contact us via our form below.


Courses coming soon: creative writing, journaling, painting, anything creative. Meditation, gong baths, mindfulness. Reading group coming to Sunflower Community

Our weekly creative drop in classes are on Friday's at 10am until 1pm. If you are interested in joining us please contact us via our form below.

Suggested donation of £3-5, per session attended, to cover admin and materials


A place to connect with others that maybe feeling similar to you. Building stronger communities with collaborations and our services.

We are open on Tuesday through Thursday to facilitate connection through coffee/tea. Please reach out if you are planning on popping in, so we can put the kettle on. This is at our Sawbridgeworth site.


Our counsellors offer a space for you to talk through your problems related to anxiety, depression and stress in a non-judgemental environment, either face to face or online. They can support you in looking at issues that are within your control and where you want to make positive changes. All of our counsellors, student or qualified, have regular support and supervision to maintain their integrability and safety in working with clients. The initial assessment will inform which kind of counsellor is appropriate for your needs. We offer up to 52 sessions on a sliding scale for payment, based on your individual circumstances. Invoices are sent every two weeks and payment can be paid via Bank or in cash, receipt provided.

The 3 below items are possible sources of early support while you are waiting for your counselling to begin. Each of them are brief interventions

Claire qualified as a Coach over a decade ago and specialises in bringing a mindful approach to each session. The hour will constitute a safe space for you to talk whilst Claire will mindfully listen and give feedback. Her role is to be a conscious sounding board whilst also bringing clarity to the situation with a view to being more open to move forward in a way that feels better. The aim is to utilise these coaching sessions for a specific challenge/situation so that a single session will generally suffice. 1 or 2 sessions available.

Whilst Jess is training to be a Play Therapist, she is also qualified as a Mindfulness Coach. The purpose of her sessions is to remind people of practices that will allow them to be more present. Mindful practice calms the nervous system and allows the body/mind to rest, it can help in calming overwhelm, quietening the thinking mind and easing pain, both physical and emotional. The aim will be to create daily habits that will positively impact your sense of wellbeing. 1-6 sessions available.

Through combinations of journaling, therapeutic and creative writing techniques Sam will guide you to explore the feelings associated with difficult experiences, enabling you to process the unhelpful narratives that are preventing you from moving forward. Sam will provide a safe space while listening non-judgementally with an aim to encourage you to break through emotional blockages and create new pathways to more helpful and positive narratives. 4-12 sessions available, held online..

What we offer

Monthly on First Tuesday in the evening from 8pm-9pm via online. Check in, discuss your challenges or success’ for the week, and end on a positive reflection.

No waiting lists to attend, just a quick assessment to see if the group is suitable for you or if you are suitable for the group.

Follow either of the links to register, send us an email, or use the contact form.

We run this group on Friday’s from 10-1pm. We are based at Tye Green Community Centre, 1 Tilegate Rd, Harlow CM18 6PB

This is a group that can be as a compliment to your counselling or if you are on the waiting list for counselling. We are also encouraging drop-ins. We ask for a donation of £3-£5.

If you are interested please contact us via email or the contact form.

Our Wellbeing Programme runs for 9 weeks.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in joining this programme. Registration is needed.

Course Aims: To improve communication To gain self awareness To take responsibility for own wellbeing To gain confidence To share a live growth experience with others in group To learn to be kinder and compassionate to self

There is a nominal charge for this programme.