Find Local Support Fast! Please use the links below to find support outside of Sunflower Community Project.

Frontline Essex Link

Frontline Hertfordshire Link

Frontline is a community project. It helps frontline workers and the public to quickly find details on local health and wellbeing services and to contact services through call back and referral options.


We do not in anyway earn any monies from suggestion the books above. These books are suggestions we feel that may be of use on your journey of self discovery and awareness. If you are with a therapist please talk through what you discover in the pages of your books.

The Yellow Book is the creative, wellbeing resource published by rethinkyourmind; created by those with experience of mental health challenges and endorsed by professionals; the book hopes to support, inspire and signpost. To view the Yellow Book as a flip book please follow the link To purchase the Yellow Book please follow this link


Created by The Centre of Wellbeing.
Things that are going on and around West Essex and East Herts

Who Moved My Cheese?
by Spencer Johnson

A short read about change. It can be found reasonably priced second-hand.
Counselling for Toads
by Robert de Board

This can be an expensive book depending on where you get it from. This book is about counselling and its process, appropriate for anyone starting counselling.

Psst…the library might get it for you!
The Body Remembers
by Babette Rothschild

This is a book that is best read when you are in therapy or have done work on yourself in regards to trauma. The book is geared more towards the therapist but still a valuable asset to have. This can be an expensive book depending on where you get it from.

Psst…the library might get it in for you.
A Parent’s Guide to Understanding and Motivating Children
by Betty Lou Bettner and Amy Lew

A Parents handbook, or guide, to making steps to feeling less stress around children’s behaviours. Can be found second hand on the internet, sometimes expensive.
The 4 Pillar Plan
by Dr Rangan Chaterjee

Easy, common sense book to help change your lifestyle in relation to sleep, exercise, eating, and relaxing
Can be found fairly reasonably priced, second-hand.
Art for Mindfulness – Landscapes
Patterns by Joe Bright

‘Colour your way to better focus’

If you like to colour without having to draw something first, this is a good place to start. This book also offers quotes to ponder over as you colour the landscape pictures.
BREATHE Magazine

Breathe magazine is full of ideas and challenges, articles and suggestion to help/guide you in your journey of self-discovery. This magazine can be purchased at most newsagents. They also offer a magazine for teenagers, called TEEN Breathe, and books: Be Brave, Be Kind, Be Calm, and Be Happy.
Zentangle Journalling
by Mary Jane Holcroft

If you loved doodling as a child, Zentangle is a mindful way of doodling again. With exercises and examples you can create a plethora of doodles, combined with journaling to ‘enrich your life’.

Cost: £8 (at time of posting this book).

Reading Well for mental health: find helpful books at your local library


Taken from the website: “Frazzled Cafe meetings are not about therapy or offering solutions. They provide a safe and confidential space where people can speak openly without worrying about judgement amongst a group of peers who understand how it feels to be frazzled. What is said in the meetings stays in the meetings. If you are asked how you are, there is never any need to answer with ‘I’m fine, thanks’.”

They offer three types of meetings. Head to their website and see if this is a place for you.


TED Talks

Brené Brown | The Power of Vulnerability


Sound Advice Cafes

The Centre of Wellbeing is offering 3 Sound Advice Cafes a month.  Please check out their Facebook page to find out more. 

Hertfordshire Health Walks

Do you enjoy walking? would you like to start walking? To find out more Please visit their website for more details.

Night Owls by Mind in West Essex

Please follow the link for more information.
This is a service that is there when you feel you need to talk. They are not a crisis team.


The Miracle Morning 

Please follow the link for more information.
The Podcast talks with Dr Bernie Siegal about how your mind’s ability to heal your body